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by Fred Showker

We're following Web trends movers and shakers! This issue looks at * Keyword-relevant content on your e-commerce site * Forget searches ? * More tips for SEO success * Going viral: Social media and customer service * ... and more

Keyword-relevant content on your e-commerce site

E-commerce sites can be particularly challenging for search-engine optimization because they tend to lack unique, relevant content. Most e-commerce websites contain mostly navigational pages and product pages. The challenge is easily overcome, however, with a simple content strategy.
      The challenge is easily (though not necessarily quickly) overcome, however, with a simple content strategy.
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Forget searches ?

If you have an extra hour in your very busy workday day, don't spend it fine-tuning your site for algo search, or optimizing your SEM campaigns for efficiency, ROI or profitability. Spend it building out and executing on your social media strategy.
      This is shocking advice coming from an old search jockey. Seriously, how much cash are you really going to squeeze out of your already-optimized site or SEM program compared to the huge opportunities in front of you in social media?
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More tips for SEO success

"Tips" for SEO are coming out of the woodwork. Everyone and his brother seems to be an SEO expert these days. This one writes:
      Ensuring your website gets noticed in a foreign market can be tough work. Local competition, linguistic barriers and cultural differences can all contribute to the success or failure of your website's international reach.
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Going viral: Social media and customer service

Any executives who don't think it's necessary for their businesses to have a customer service presence on social media need only to witness the $180 million fallout experienced by United Airlines in the wake of the YouTube video "United Breaks Guitars." With nearly 8.5 million views in 10 months, this video quickly became a cautionary tale for companies that are reluctant to acknowledge the impact social media can have on a business and slow to incorporate the medium into their customer service strategy.
      By monitoring social media and intervening when necessary, companies give themselves the opportunity to defuse what might become a negative customer interaction.
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