Are you ready for Video Walls? XEffects 3D for Final Cut Pro X puts you there!

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XEffects 3D Video Walls Plugin Released for Final Cut Pro X FxFactory is bringing some super bling to Final Cut Pro X! This new plugin called XEffects 3D Video Walls was developed by partner Idustrial Revolution, and allows the user to add moving video or still images to dynamic and visually striking video walls in 3D space. The user can start with one of the 45 built-in presets or construct a wall to their exact design.

The plugin's flexibility allows the user to choose the individual panel shape, the number and layout of panels along with the choice of material, position in 3D space and depth of field. A choice of pre-programmed moves allow the wall to animate in and out with the panels tumbling as an option.

Peter Wiggins, plugin developer at Idustrial Revolution said

Quoting  begins The editor can use a single panel positioned in 3D space with reflections and depth of field or put together a tumbling panel of 15 cells in 3 rows ... It took us time to get the shapes exactly right and that's why they line up so beautifully into a wall Quoting  ends


The plugin has many possible uses from promoting a product, providing a visually interesting image behind a green screen presenter to broadcast promos, show opens and closers.


  • All 45 Plugins work with video or images
  • Constructed as titles, these plugins avoid cumbersome drop zones for better speed, timing and easy tweaking
  • Adjust edge material type, lighting and environment
  • Adjust shape thickness and choose front and back edge shapes
  • Position anywhere onscreen at any size and any angle with depth of field
  • Automatic animations for a choice of tumble or linear in/out moves
  • Precise built-in font allows the pixel perfect building of multiscreen displays
  • Stack multiple copies on top for different media in each shape
  • Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines

Wiggins then said

Quoting  begins I hope Final Cut Pro X editors have as much fun using the plugin for their productions as we did developing it ... We still haven't exhausted the number of different cool walls that this plugin can make with a few clicks! Quoting  ends

3D Video walls is being launched at a discounted price of $49 for a month. Idustrial Revolution's designers and editors have been at the forefront of using Apple technology and software in creating content for broadcasters, corporate users and videographers. They have been successfully producing products for Final Cut Pro for over 10 years.

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XEffects 3D Video Walls XEffects 3D Video Walls
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