Photoshop Tutorial : Blazing Fire Sketch Effects

by Fred Showker

Create a Flaming Guitar using Photoshop Have you ever wanted to learn magic? Well in this fun tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a sketch burn alive with fire! Learn how to create this cool fire effect using Adobe Photoshop's powerful editing tools, layer blending, and color adjustments. This tutorial was sent in by Annabelle at 123rf, along with several others we'll be presenting in the week to come.

Annabelle writes :

Quoting Annabelle begins This tutorial will be using Adobe Photoshop, and is intended for Beginners. It will take about an hour and for training and testing purposes, you should have some reference and source files. Just for practice, find these online, or you may purchase the actual files at

Creating The Sketch Effect

Step 1 Open all your references in Photoshop. Copy and Paste the fire guitar on top of the sketchbook.

Fire Sketch

Step 2

Control + T to Resize and Rotate the fire guitar so that it fits better on the sketchbook, then set the layer to Difference.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and bring down the Saturation to -100 so that the image is now in grayscale.

See, it's already looking like a real sketch!

Fire Sketch

Inserting the Guitar : Step 3

Copy and Paste the electric guitar onto a new layer and drag the layer so that it is beneath the fire guitar.
Set the layer to Darken to in order to eliminate the white background. Just like our previous step, go to
Image > Adjustments> Hue/Saturation
and bring down the Saturation to -100 so that the image is in grayscale.

Now the sketch looks even more like a guitar.

Fire Sketch

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