Photoshop Madness : in the holiday spirit from dimwits to families to snow globes and others

by Fred Showker

Happy Holidays from Photoshop Madness
Fall Fonts Fest

Fall Fonts Fest It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Duh! The holiday push started before Columbus Day this year, I feel like I'm already pooped out. But Photoshop Madness relentlessly marches toward the end of the year and all we can do is hang on for life! Of course, this issue finds the dregs along with some really welcome talent. Not everyone is a PSD knock-off site -- we've found a couple that are worthy! Pig out over the next four pages with :

  • 10 Steps To Create A Personalized Snow Globe
  • Motion Blur Effects in Adobe Photoshop CC14
  • Five photos come together to make one
  • Ooooops... tutorials not tutorials
  • Christmas Card Photoshop Tutorial
  • The Dimwit Diary - fellow madness
  • 50 Best Happy Holidays Wallpapers
  • Before and After the Apocalypse
  • Black or White ?? Which One
  • James Willan fun times . . .
  • . . . . and more !

CAUTION Read carefully: any time you're looking for tutorials, downloadable files, or the likes, there are always pitfalls and evil sites lurking because they know this topic is popular. The cybercrime industry knows Photoshop pages are among the most popular on the web, so they try to get you. It's Photoshop Madness!

Christmas Card Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

THis is a WONDERFUL tutorial, with class and personality -- no ads or blinking crap like on the replecator sites! BRAVO Paper Mama!
      She even shows you her reference photos (See: this photo) You get Cloning Stamp Tool and Quick Selection Tool help in creating your Christmas card! Nice work, Chelsey & Crystalyn
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story : Chelsey & Crystalyn : The Paper Mamas
Great Holiday Activities Don't you just : LOVE these final results!

Five photos come together to make one

Photoshop Madness for the holidays

photoshop_poster Ed Irley is from Brazil and painted this super piece called "Longing" . . . calls it a "Photo Manipulation" ... really more of a painting! If you visit the Deviant page for this piece, Ed walks you through the pieces he combined to make the art. Very nicely done!
      One of the problems with Deviant is that very little info about the artist is ever shown.
Art and Fun for the holidays Full story :
Great Holiday Activities Click here to see the larger finished piece with detail, very nice!

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