Photoshop Food Madness : Food Photography, retouching & styling

by Fred Showker

1406 Photoshop Madness
Fall Fonts Fest

Fall Fonts Fest I feel like I worked you a little bit hard with last month's madness so I decided to lighten up this month -- with the holiday season upon us -- and cover a topic dear to us all : FOOD! Yes, it's time to look at Photoshop Food Madness! The big surprise is how many non-Photoshop people are out there doing photoshop tutorials about food! Some better than Photoshop people! Pig out over the next four pages with :

  • Fixing Blow Outs in Photoshop (Photo Editing Tips for Bloggers)
  • The Two Most Important Tools Food Photographers Must Know
  • How to Brighten Food Photography with Photoshop Elements
  • Food Styling and Photography – Ratatouille in the Making
  • Creating Depth Of Field With Filters and Masks
  • Artificial Lighting Tips for Food Photography
  • Food Photography: Photoshop Editing Tutorial
  • Creating A True .EPS File Using Vector Masks
  • Basic Photoshop Tips for Food Photography
  • How to make syrup text in Photoshop
  • Photoshop Before & After: Salmon
  • Gingerbread Cookies Text Effect
  • How to Photoshop Food
  • . . . . and more !

CAUTION Read carefully: any time you're looking for tutorials, downloadable files, or the likes, there are always pitfalls and evil sites lurking because they know this topic is popular. It's Photoshop Madness!

Photoshop Before & After: Salmon

Photoshop and Food

Nicole S. Young is a full-time photographer and author, with books published through Peachpit Press, eBooks published through Craft&Vision and also some self-published titles. Her photography specialties are food and landscape . . . she writes in this tutorial:
      Yesterday I posted some white-balance tips for shooting food photography. In this post I’m going to go through the steps I took to edit the image. The photo used in this post is from the same shoot and is edited identically to the image in the previous post.
Fixing Food with Photoshop Full story : Nicole S. Young -
Photograph Click here for: another look

How to Photoshop Food

Photoshop and Food

VERY basic Photoshop skills from Katie at the copper coconut . . . Katie writes :
      I use 3 steps pretty much every time I photoshop a picture, especially with my food pictures. Here is a before and after of my Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls (recipe will be posted soon!).
Fixing Food with Photoshop Full story : The Copper Coconut
Photograph Click here for: another look

The Two Most Important Tools Food Photographers Must Know

Photoshop and Food

The most important job for a food photographer is to make that food pop off the page. Learn two simple photoshop tools to make your subjects stand out.
Fixing Food with Photoshop Full story : We Eat Together
Photograph Click here for: another look

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