Turn your photos into gorgeous, high-quality gallery wraps for professional presentation

by Fred Showker

 Produce Gorgeous, High-Quality Gallery Wraps With Finestra Gallery Wraps Finestra Art, the award-winning manufacturer of premium inkjet papers and related supplies are now offering a totally awesome way to display your art and photography. Popular with many photographers and artists for displaying their work, gallery wraps are printed canvases that are stretched and mounted to a frame with the image wrapped around the edges. Now you can get that in a kit.

photo wraps Finestra Gallery Wraps allow users to create professional quality gallery wraps without the need for a canvas-stretching machine or other specialized tools. Finestra Gallery Wraps only require:

  • An inkjet printer capable of printing to canvas 3 inches wider and longer than the desired finished size
  • A gallery wrap corner kit (a one-time purchase of $15)
  • A set of gallery wrap sticks for height and a set of gallery wrap sticks for width

Traditionally, users have been expected to purchase do it yourself gallery wraps in bulk. For example, if they need to create an 8" x 10" gallery wrap, users often have to purchase a minimum of 20 pieces for specific height and width sizes. Finestra Gallery Wraps has simplified the process, allowing users to purchase Finestra Gallery Wraps for one frame at a time in a combination of sizes. Finestra Gallery Wraps come in a wide variety of sizes. The smallest length available is 8 inches and the largest length is 24 inches. Therefore, users can produce professional gallery wraps as small as 8" x 8" and as large as 24" x 24".

photo wraps

Feature Highlights:

  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Available in a variety of sizes from 8 x 8 inches to 24 x 24 inches
  • Can choose any combo of width and height
  • Can be purchased for one frame at a time
  • Cleaner-looking corners than traditionally made gallery wraps
  • Printed instructions and video tutorials available

Producing high-quality gallery wraps in-house formerly required a significant investment in tools, time, and training. Offering an assembly time of under 10 minutes, Finestra Gallery Wraps are aesthetically less bulky and designed to be "goof-proof." In addition to providing printed instructions and video tutorials to walk users through the process, the corner alignment tools have been created with notches that correspond to the wrap bars so installing them backwards is not a possibility. After aligning the frame, the self-adhesive bars are aligned and set above the print and pressed down so that the bars adhesive secures the bars in place. The user then runs a small bead of archival glue (included in corner kit) along the bar edges and inserts the included joining pins at the corners securing the frame. Lastly the corner braces are snapped into the corners. This helps apply even pressure and ensures the assembly remains tight and secure over time. Additionally, Finestra Gallery Wrap corners are tucked into the frame instead of being placed on top of it to ensure clean corners with no unsightly bulges as is common with traditionally assembled wraps.

Bryan Linden, Director of Product Development for Finestra Art says

Quoting  begins Finestra Gallery Wraps makes it simple to produce gorgeous, high-quality canvas gallery wraps in under 10 minutes without investing in expensive equipment ... Finestra Gallery Wraps can also be purchased more conveniently to fit our customers needs. Finished wraps can be done for under $11 and you buy only what you need. A larger wrap project for an 16" x 20" frame is just over $18 and there are discounts available for multiple set purchases. Regularly recognized for Customer Service excellence and a two-time winner of Professional Photographer Magazine's Hot One Award, we're very excited to introduce Finestra Gallery Wraps to Finestra Art's line of outstanding products. Quoting  ends

Finestra Gallery Wraps can be purchased online from the companyĆ­s website. Finestra Art Gallery Wrap Bar Sets are available from $5.25 (USD) - $10.49 (USD) per set depending on the length desired.

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NOTE: if this is all too much for you, and you do not have a printer capable of printing canvas, check out your local Kinko's store . . . they have this product and will do it all for you ! Unfortunately they only have set sizes, but if you're a regular customer, and buy a lot, they can consider letting you provide "cut-to-size" stretchers and they do the rest. That's the way we do ours!

Irvine, California - Finestra Art is an award-winning manufacturer of premium inkjet papers and related supplies. Based in Irvine, California, Finestra Art is regularly recognized for excellence in customer service and has been awarded Professional Photographer Magazine's Hot One Award two years in a row for outstanding products. Copyright (C) 2014 Finestra Art. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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