Removing and replacing difficult backgrounds is no longer difficult with Smart Mask

by Fred Showker


Akvis fireworks, sunbursts, stage lights, shimmers, glitter, sparkles Yes, it's the million dollar question. If you ask Google, you might see this question has been asked and answered one hundred thousand times more than fifteen million. (15,100,000) In fact, DTG and Photoshop Tips & Tricks have answered that question three times, once each decade PHotoshop has been alive! But every Tom, Dick and Harry (Honre) who opens Photoshop will at some point put up their own tutorial on how to remove backgrounds, and the community will eat it up and all stand in a circle celebrating another "removing backgrounds" tutorial. However, it just ain't that easy -- well, until SmartMask came along.

Remember when removing backgrounds in Photoshop was complicated

Remember when you had to take all those steps in Photoshop? Ten years ago, Katrin Eismann, Photoshop DIVA took five pages to teach you how to perfectly remove backgrounds in 2007

See our poster below for blow-ups of all these luscious photos!

AKVIS SmartMask has been updated! With the new version, the software has become even more efficient. Version 10 provides users with the new Refine Radius tool, enhanced Magic Brush tool, and other improvements. Take advantage of cutting-edge techniques and save time on complex selections!


AKVIS SmartMask is an efficient masking tool that lets users quickly and effortlessly create precise selections.


In Version 10 the new Refine Radius tool has been added to the Refine Edges mode. The tool lets you locally fine-tune the boundaries of the selection. The Magic Brush tool has been improved and now offers a number of new settings allowing you to more precisely define the colors to keep/drop.

Also, the new version comes with the new Gray interface theme, support for new RAW files for the standalone version, and some bug fixes.

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