Laura Worthington: graphic designer, typeface designer, lettering art extraordinaire

by Fred Showker


lettering_extraordinaireWe discovered Laura quite by accident, but thought for some reason we had met her before. Low and behold we discover one of the prolific lettering font masters in the world!

You just don't sit down and create lettering and typography with such expression and flavor. Laura's extraordinare hand is not just versatile, it's both sensitive and rugged at the same time. What do I mean by that? Just take a look at some of her lettering. She can make it go from a whisper to a roar without missing a beat.


The Beloved Family is one that can be nasty or nice, depending on the setting. Laura writes :

Quoting Laura Worthington begins my passion for the craft, devotion to precision as I refine my creations along with my desire to provide designers with type that's rich with personality and versatility combine to form a body of work that offers practicality and aesthetic appeal. Quoting Laura Worthington ends


fred_in_belovedWith all the extras Laura builds into her font creations, you can design your own, truly unique, typeset ... or shall I say "lettering" set! Laura comments

Quoting  begins My approach is unusual in that everything from original concept and drawings through production is mine. Rather than collaborate or look to historical predecessors, I craft original, lovingly handmade letters which form the base of my typeface designs Quoting  ends


fred_in_spumonteSpumante is what they call a "semi-connected" script -- and this one is a joy to see and use! Dress it up with over 200 swashes, alternates, and ornaments, or use the titling alternates (in the OpenType menu) for a minimalist, unconnected look. Spumante is ideal for food packaging and menus, cosmetic labels, book covers, or greeting cards and invitations.

Spumante is an approachably attractive face transforms from understated femininity to cocktail-party chic in just a few clicks. But look ... there are dozens more fonts at Laura's web site, along with fun articles and learning experiences. Laura writes :

Quoting  begins Each project is a journey that I undertake with enthusiasm and joyful discovery -- and gratitude that my background in graphic design, calligraphy and typography have given me the opportunity to focus on what I love to do most. Quoting  ends

Note above you see I've tried my sig in both lettering fonts. Ever since Chuck Green ragged me about using my real signature in the publication, I've tried to bounce around experimenting with various scripts. You can test your own passage of type in these fonts, just click the pictures above. And folks, don't pass up the true pleasure of working with some of Laura's fonts. You'll be glad you did!

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