Facebook Friends: Kay Johannes, Crystal Owen, Colette Bradford, Sharla Fell and Tory Gallery

by Fred Showker

22nd Annual Designing Women As we flow into April, we've passed the first day of spring and we continue to highlight our Designing Women friends on Facebook. I'm really impressed with so many designers who lean toward the fine arts -- and of course a fine arts background makes for good graphic designers! This edition welcomes five friends -- we are pleased to introduce you to Designing Women on Facebook Kay Johannes Designing Women on Facebook Crystal Owen Designing Women on Facebook Colette Bradford Designing Women on Facebook Sharla Fell and Designing Women on Facebook Tory Gallery! Have fun visiting their works!

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Kay Johannes is a docent at John Michael Kohler Arts Center and Marketing Manager/Partner at Wisconsin Off Road Adventures! She is a knowledgeable guide, who conducts visitors through the museum, sharing commentary on the exhibitions.
Creative inspiration Kay Johannes on Facebook
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GO John Michael Kohler Arts Center - jmkac.org
Designing Women Nice header graphic!

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Crystal Owen does watercolors . . . she studied at Schreiner University, and has worked as Graphic Designer ... most importantly is her passion for watercolor! Check out Crystal's watercolor channel on YouTube ... her Vlog
Creative inspiration Crystal Owen on Facebook
GO Crystal's YouTube Channel
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Colette Bradford is a native of Utah which is reflected in much of her work. Colette spent a lot of time drawing and painting with her mother, who is also an artist. By 1982, she had already achieved an Art Sterling Scholarship. She's got a lot to show, just dig in . . .
Creative inspiration Colette Bradford on Facebook
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Designing Women One of our favorites

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Sharla Fell is a Fine Art Professor, and Lead Faculty of Media Arts at Ventura College. She studied at Colorado State. There are some interesting trails to follow along her credintials!
Creative inspiration Sharla Fell on Facebook
Designing Women Ventura College at VenturaCollege.edu

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Tory Gallery could actually be Visual Victoria, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Social Media mogal, Blogger, Writer, Poet, Artist, Musician and only about an hour away from where I'm writing this entry! Visual Victoria is the rather remarkable results to see coming from Shepherd University in West Virginia. Which could explain her vision toward bluegrass music! She's got a lot going on, not just in graphic arts but music as well! Check her out at :
Creative inspiration Visual victoria on Facebook
Designing Women Tory Gallery on Facebook
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These are just five of many! We'll be back later with a bunch more of our friends on Facebook. If you've like us to visit your digs on Facebook, just let me know! Here's what you missed last time, Designing Women on Facebook Sofya, Kara, Angela and Nina, Designing Women on Facebook Ira Yuliara, Monique Shabby, Leslie Carr, and Ramsha Malik, Designing Women on Facebook Janet Allinger, Ilene Strizver, Karen Stillman, and Kimberly Dmello, Designing Women on FacebookSandy Hibbard, Nona Smith, Katrin Eismann and Kate McCroary Jay
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fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and, thanks for twenty-two years of Designing Women online!

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