Meet Olimpia Zagnoli , Strawberry Fields Forever

by Fred Showker

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22nd Annual Designing Women Welcome to the 2017 Designing Women edition, celebrating Women's History Month. This will be our 22nd year of celebrating, and it continues to be one of our favorite editions, because we get to meet so many wonderful artists, designers, illustrators and photographers. Hope you enjoy this year's line-up, and don't forget to send in your portfolio, or nominations!

Olimpia Zagnoli, strawberry fields forever

Creative Tidbits

I love Olimpia Zagnoli ... she's taking me into Yellow Submarine mashed up with Andy Warhol in a rock disco in Italy ... it's exciting, it's entertaining and definitely an eye-popper!

Creative Tidbits

Born in Milan, Olimpia is the daughter of a portrait photographer and Grand Prix motorcycle racer ... way talented, slightly wild! With a basis in documentary photography to fashion photography and illustration -- Olimpia is one of the most fun 'Designing Women' we've met --

Be sure to visit Olimpia's excellent YouTube Channel for lots of fun stuff -- even a few tunes you might recognize. A background in documentary photography makes a perfect platform for graphic design in motion!
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Here is Olimpia's site and portfolio ... you'll want to spend some time there. Notice her wonderful ability to design using negative space!
Creative inspiration Olimpia Zagnoli
Graphic Design Inspiration See tons more work by Olimpia Zagnoli
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