Pop up some sideline income by popping up Logo Pop for FREE

by Fred Showker

 Logo Pop Free Updated to Version 1.2 on the Mac App Store It's been about a year since we first discovered and wrote about Logo Pop. Well, it's now been upgraded, and it's Free for Mac OS X. As we said before, this vector based logo design app helps you go from concept to design quickly and fluidly. Even for pros, this can highly facilitate your work! It's the only, full-fledged free logo design software available, maintaining a Top 10 position in the Graphics & Design category!

Logo Pop

Version 1.2 now includes:
* New! Tutorial added to the MacAppware website.
* Fixed Text on Path bug for default text position.
* Fixed import issue where imported image opened in new window.
* Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Need a new logo to give a memorable first impression for your new business or service? Or does your old logo simply need a fresh new look? Unwrap the sweet design tools of Logo Pop Free to create a look that stands out from your competition!


Save time and money by becoming your own logo designer. Stay away from overpriced design firms and cookie cutter online logo services that don't always understand what you want and charge extra for more concepts. Use Logo Pop Free to quickly add shapes and text, draw unique illustrations, adjust colors, add strokes, and more in order to polish your identity. Then save and export your logo to use on websites, business cards, letterhead, merchandise, social media, product packaging, gravatars, profile pictures, or any other branding or marketing piece.

Logo Pop Free features:
* Create unlimited concepts and designs
* Perfect for any industry or interest
* Vector-based drawing tools keep your design sharp at any size
* You can even sell your logo designs to others because everything in Logo Pop Free is royalty free
* Drawing tools include Rectangle, Oval, Round Rectangle, Round End Rectangle, Line, Polygon, Path, Freehand, Ring, Speech Balloon, and Arc
* Adjust freehand drawing to create smooth looking paths
* Add strokes (regular, arrowed, rough, zig-zag)
* Add fills (solid, gradient, pattern, zig-zag, hatch)
* Add text on a path
* Create circular or wavy text
* Add an image to text
* Full layer support
* Easily align multiple items on your canvas
* Rulers and guides make it easy to place items in the right location
* Snap to grid, snap to guides, or snap to other objects
* Zoom in or out to get every detail pixel perfect
* Export in fully editable vector PDF
* Export as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
* Supports transparent backgrounds
* Extensive help file explains how to use the powerful tools of Logo Pop Free
* Video tutorials visually show how to use Logo Pop Free
* And more

System Requirements: ~ OS X 10.6.6 or later ~ 64-bit processor ~ 5.7 MB

Pricing and Availability: Logo Pop Free 1.2 is available exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category for the unbeatable cost of $0.

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