Convert lettering, type, photos, drawings, or art into Artistic Chalkboard designs and signs

by Fred Showker

 JixiPix Software Releases New Chalkboard Artistic Software for Mac As we highlighted in the Gallery for the Fall Fonts Fest, chalk art is a growing craze that really takes a lot of talent. Well, now there's a very cool App for Macintosh and Windows that may reduce a lot of the need for talent because it actually simulates chalkboard art! Amazing!

Chalkspiration quickly and easily achieve natural looking chalkboard artJixiPix Software has knocked us out with Chalkspiration, their artistic desktop software solution designed to help professional artists, photographers and amateurs quickly and easily achieve natural looking chalkboard art with all the delicate details of a traditional chalk.

This new app available for Mac OS provides all the creative tools needed to transform an image into a professional-looking piece of chalkboard art and is the perfect compliment to a series of JixiPix artistic apps developed for digital artist, photographer and creative professionals, giving them the ability to achieve realistic chalky chalkboard art creations true to a traditionally difficult media. The app also boasts a collection of pre-made clipart.

Create chalkboard art without the dusty clean up!

Creating chalkboard art is crazy and fun. Call it old school but chalkboard art is making a comeback. It's everywhere these days and the more we see it, the more we swoon. The swooshes, the light shading and the dusty backgrounds are just a few elements that makes this media enchanting to behold. Chalkspiration is the new creative canvas for business design, events and home decor.

Chalkspiration starts by automatically converting your image to chalky outlines with light shading then allows you to place objects from a library of included flourishes, banners, embellishments and fonts. To get started, choose one of our ready to customize preset templates; or create your own using tools from within the app that will add images and clipart then allow you to resize, flip, rotate and duplicate them exactly the way you want.

Chalkspiration achieve realistic chalky chalkboard art creations

A few favorite ways people have used their Chalkspiration art are from invitations to placemats, photo backdrops to chalk-like artwork in wedding details and decor - the possibilities for this fun and artsy media is endless!

Features: Fully adjustable control on all aspects of the process: Chalk color and texture, shade strength, outline detail, edge style and chalkboard border. Also allows placement objects and text with the ability to resize, flip and rotate of them.


  • Two chalk styles - one that shades on the inside of the lines and one that shades on the out
  • A library of embellishments, banners, flourishes and dividers
  • A way to add and edit text from within the app
  • A powerful brush to colorize chalk
  • An erase brush to remove unwanted chalk from images and clipart
  • A variety of dusty looking blackboards
  • The ability to add multiple images and your personal clipart
  • The ability to resize, flip and rotate images and clipart from within the app
  • An array of presets and customizable templates
  • A way to save your project in a preset for future use

Device Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later * 80 MB

Chalkspiration for Mac is $7.99 (USD). Chalkspiration - Chalkboard art now being served at the JixiPix website and Mac App Store.
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JixiPix Software: Chalkspiration Do not delay! Click here and get : Chalkspiration
Chalkspiration YouTube Video Chalkspiration YouTube Video
Chalkspiration Screenshot Chalkspiration Screenshot

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