3 Easy Ways to Focus Viewers Attention on the Subject in Images

by Aadel Mar
Photo tips In both photography as well as design it is important that your images are able to clearly convey the subject so that viewers focus their attention on it. Regardless of whether the image is being used to illustrate a point, for marketing or any other reason – its effectiveness will largely hinge on whether or not viewers focus on the important parts that you want them to see.


Although deliberately focusing the attention of viewers may sound complicated, there are several easy ways that you can accomplish it:

Pick a background color that contrasts with the subject

One of the best ways to make sure your subject stands out so viewers focus on it is to set it against a background that contrasts sharply with its colors. Typically you should try to use complementary colors in order to achieve that, but at very least it should contrast in some way.

Reduce the number of elements

While having additional elements in your image can help to accentuate the subject and make it look more compelling overall – having too many elements can distract viewers from the subject. That is why reducing the number of elements in your images can help focus attention on the subject, and if you want you could even go as far as creating images that only consist of the subject.

Break the pattern with an anomaly

People tend to immediately focus on elements that they don’t expect to see, which is why you should make your subject stand out by positioning it as an anomaly. For example if your image has 3 circles, then a subject that is a square would stand out and immediately become the center of attention. Needless to say implementing this in your images may be more complicated, but you should be able to see the core idea.

While you could very well use any one of these methods to focus attention on the subject in your images – it is best to use a combination of them. By doing so you’ll help the subject to stand out more so that it acts as a focal point that viewers can’t help but be drawn to.

The only caveat is that you may need to edit your images in order to make all this possible – which is an area that Movavi Photo Editor can help you out with. It is a user-friendly picture editor that will provide you with everything you need to alter and adjust your images so that they turn out exactly the way that you want.

By taking advantage of the features in Movavi Photo Editor you’ll be able to remove unwanted elements, replace the background, add creative captions, or even transform the frame and orientation. On top of that you could also enhance the quality of your images, fix any issues, apply artistic filters, touch up photos, and more.

Simply put you will be able to tweak and alter your images using Movavi Photo Editor so that the subject really does stand out and is able to grab the attention of viewers instantly. Just be sure to keep in mind the easy ways to focus viewers’ attention on the subject that were listed above, and edit your images based on them.

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