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by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative Update

The graphic design of ... Creative tidbits - a column in DTG Magazine Rolling into the holiday season, now it the best time to put on our creative thinking caps -- 2015 is just around the corner and will be here before you know it! Here's some good food for thought :
creative tidbits Adobe InDesign Continues To Define Desktop Publishing creative tidbits How Great Design Translates Into Marketing Advantage creative tidbits The 7 Skills Every Design Professional Needs Today creative tidbits 3-D printing and additive manufacturing glossary creative tidbits How to make a 3D Flower POP UP Greeting Card creative tidbits Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art
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Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art

Creative Design Update

In this New York Times interview Interview by SPENCER BAILEY, Milton Glaser says:
      I have a theory that most of design, in general, is the creation of affection ... The one thing you don’t want to look like is Budweiser -- This creates a paradox: How do you deliberately create the illusion of not knowing what you’re doing when you actually do?” As he notes below, some companies do it better than others.
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Adobe InDesign Continues To Define Desktop Publishing

Creative Design Update

Desktop publishing used to be the primary reason for owning a PC—it was a business in and of itself. I know I am dating myself, but I remember when someone with a PC, a printer, and a desktop publishing application could actually make decent money producing flyers, menus, and other simple publications for others.
      Those days are long gone, but the concept of desktop publishing has also evolved over time, and software like Adobe InDesign has managed somehow to keep up and remain relevant.
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Creative Update Full story : Tony Bradley Contributor -- Forbes

3-D printing and additive manufacturing glossary

Creative Design Update

3-D printing is currently a hot topic. It's a rapidly growing field and is expected to dramatically affect the way things are made in the near future. Some experts think it will help reinvigorate American manufacturing, while others believe it will democratize productions of goods and that every house will have its own 3-D printer.
      Whatever the future holds, here is a brief glossary of terms that will help you navigate the world of additive manufacturing.
Creative Update Full story : Renee Eaton - Multibriefs

The 7 Skills Every Design Professional Needs Today

Creative Design Update

This was written by Roberto Blake, but it's sort of naïve -- and my audience should already know all of these ... just passing them along FYI . . . Roberto writes :
      Today more designers are finding themselves having to be well rounded with diverse skill-sets, when competing in the job market. While having a specialty and distinct design style is important, the ability to provide a range of services to employers and clients will give you a competitive advantage. Here is a list of skills every professional designer needs today to remain competitive. . . . * Retouching and Masking * Illustration and Fine Art Skills * Digital Photography * Digital Print Production * Typography and Typesetting * Basic HTML and Web Design * Communication
Creative Update Full story : PublishingSecrets and

How Great Design Translates Into Marketing Advantage

Creative Design Update

Brands are creating more content than ever before, and they aren’t the only ones. One hundred million new photos are taken every hour and a new blog goes live every half second.
      o get heard above all the noise, a marketer’s message has to really stand out. In “How to Get Better Marketing Results With Beautiful Design,” we look at how excellent design can do exactly this.
Creative Update Full story : Adweek

How to make a 3D Flower POP UP Greeting Card

Creative Design Update

Let's Learn how to make a 3D Flower Pop Up Greeting Card in the most simple and easy way! Enjoy making the 3D Flower Pop Greeting Card and present it to your dear ones.
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