Creative Tidbits #186: Valentines Madness

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative Update

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative instpiration It's that time of year and just for fun we decided to get some crazy stuff for you to enjoy! The first item is a killer ... please enjoy that one for sure! ... here we go:

  • Top 10 list of the outrageously expensive Valentines Gifts
  • Lots of free vector starter images for Valentine's
  • Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Be My Valentine
  • A Font with emotion : My Valentines Love
  • Adam McIver 16 Valentines
  • Happy Valentine's Day
  • ... and more !

Top 10 list of the outrageously expensive Valentines Gifts

The "Dance with Shadows" web site writes :

Quoting  begins What will you do for your significant other this Valentine's day? For me, I like the "KISS" concept -- and while a kiss is always appreciated, "keep-it-simple-stupid" seems appropriate for these leaner times. How about fixing dinner? A nice one. Or, just a bottle of champagne, a romantic DVD and just the two of you on the sofa? Or, perhaps flowers, and a dinner invitation to that exclusive little spot you've been wanting to check out! Quoting  ends
  1. $ 10 million: Diamond encrusted Millennium Bra by Victoria's Secret
  2. $ 1,594,505: Custom Stuart Weitzman Designer Shoes Harrods of London
  3. $ 520,000: Gianni Vive Sulman Watch
  4. $ 3,295: Perpetua Watch Winder (for the $520,000 watch)
  5. $ 350,000: Jill Dyball crystal and diamond bridal bouquet
  6. $ 225,000: Wilson Audio Modular Monitor Music Speakers
  7. $ 104,050: Designer Cell Phone from David Morris of London
  8. $ 88,698: Gianni Vive Sulman Parfum VI - Perfume
  9. $ 33,000: a night's stay Imperial Suite at President Wilson Hotel in Geneva
  10. $1,000: Golden Opulence Ice Cream Sundae – Serendipity Restaurant New York

Now, when you give one of those to your Valentine ... please take pictures and share the reactions with us!
Creative Valentines Full story :
Creative Valentines You may have to: Take a loan out for this beauty!!!

A Font with emotion : My Valentines Love

Future man and machine

"My Valentine's Love" font, 50+ free Beautiful Graphics to Show Your Love! - The folks at the Font Cafe write :
      You are probably already aware of the fact that certain fonts can stimulate the brain and change a reader's state of mind. The type of font face you use is crucial to your work because it persuades the reader unconsciously. It colors how your readers will interpret the text... and it creates strong emotions about what you’ve created. At FontsCafe we have designed a series of exclusive fonts that do just that. Our “feel good” fonts are perfect for all your projects when you need a little emotion injected into them. . . . . DOWNLOAD ICON
Creative Valentines Full story :
Creative Valentines Click here for: Take a look at this

Happy Valentine's Day

Future man and machine

An interesting piece by Asa's fancy who has a lot of work shown on Flickr
      When you get there, click to his full stream.
Creative Valentines Full story : This is on FLicker
Creative Valentines Click here for: Take a look at this

Adam McIver 16 Valentines

Future man and machine

Adam has created a grid of wonderfully playful and terse valentine's cards! He writes :
      You can download the full resolution image, print, cut out and hand out to people you love, like, or even to people who you are not so crazy about! Spread the love! Flickr Feed
I think you'll love his paper cut toys . . .
Creative Valentines Full story : Adam McIver
Creative Valentines Here's the full version at 300 ppi for printing

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Be My Valentine

Future man and machine

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year is here and you may want to create a romantic gift box in Adobe Illustrator
      In this tutorial you will do everything from scratch.
Creative Valentines Full story : Jasmina Stanojevic - replicated at the "Noupe" site
Creative Valentines Click here for: another view of the finished product

Lots of free vector starter images for Valentine's

Future man and machine

FreePik has a bunch of downloads -- they're free, and there's a good selection of Valentine's stuff.
      There are also some other good files there as well.
Creative Valentines Full story : Free Pik
Creative Valentines Here's a rather large poster, and download this!!!

What did you miss in the last GO Creative Tidbits?

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