Creative Tidbits #235: Getting Rid of Adobe CC? Drones, Maïté Franchi, Legos and more!

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Creative tidbits

Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration July just keeps trudging on! Among this episode's gems is an excellent piece on quitting the Adobe CC subscription, and how to replace the programs. Several other good ones round it out for fun and inspiration. Don't forget, if you have favorites, please let us know!

  • Designing for Drones: Class Project Helps Students Consider User Experience
  • The Story Behind Lego's Brilliant Print Ads From the Cannes Festival
  • How To Mostly Ditch Adobe Creative Cloud
  • We love Maïté Franchi

Designing for Drones: Project Helps Students Consider User Experience

creative inspiration

Drones are being used in an increasingly diverse number of ways, from delivering packages to assessing crop yields. So why not use them as part of an app that allows users to pluck garbage from a lake? Pollinate flowers? Retrieve lost or stolen goods?
      These are just some of the ideas that were developed by graphic design students in Tom Hapgood's user experience class in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and its Department of Art last fall.
Creative inspiration The News Department at the University of Arkensas
Creative Tidbits Woo hoo, another example

The Story Behind Lego's Brilliant Print Ads From the Cannes Festival

creative inspiration

If you follow Ad Week, you probably already saw this, but I just had to add it here. All of my children, including my granddaughter and grandsone love Legos. Being involved with our local Children's Museum, "Explore More Discovery Museum" has taught me that there are few inventions that can lay claim to the hours of fun that Legos have provided children all over the world.
      Lego makes some of the most delightful advertising around, and this series of print ads from Ogilvy Bangkok are just about perfect, from concept to execution.
Creative inspiration duz Legos
Creative Tidbits Now tell me : how cool is this????

We love Maïté Franchi

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There are so many reasons ... Maïté is an emerging illustrator from Paris with a wonderful textured digital style. Check out all the links in this piece ... and enjoy!
      (We sort of did not link to her site since it's all scripted and quite slow! Sorry. The link is on her Behance page)
Creative inspiration Maïté Franchi Charming Illustration from Paris
Creative Tidbits Here's another gallery of Franchi's work,
GO and another gallery

How To Mostly Ditch Adobe Creative Cloud

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Here's one I know will be a big hit with at least some of you. We get email and blog posting questions all the time from people who do not want to go on the intravenious with Adobe. I hear you. Why do you think I ended my Adobe career with CS6 and still use Elements 6 quite a lot.
      Scott at "Level Up Tutorials" attempts to present excellent alternatives to the major apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Creative inspiration Now see the video: How To Mostly Ditch Adobe Creative Cloud
Creative Tidbits While I am not necessarily endorsing Scott, here's his Tutorials Page

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