Creative Tidbits #226: James Niehues, DeviantArt, Logos, Iceland design and more!

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration I love meeting new and creative studios and designers ... in this issue we get some news about fall of the trusted Deviant Arts web site, and how to hire friends. Well, maybe not. But one caution : web owners have lost their code of keeping links live. All over, there are tens of millions of links going dead because some web person changed a directory. No conscience. So when you encounter a dead link, please let me know.

  • Monet of the Mountain: Ski Maps Painter Owns His Niche Market
  • Free Stuff : Combinable Pattern Vector Pack
  • $36 Million? DeviantArt SOLD to Israeli firm
  • 6 Rules to Follow When Hiring Your Friends
  • The Lost Logos Of The U.S.S.R.
  • March is Month of Design

Monet of the Mountain: Ski Maps Painter Owns His Niche Market

DTG creative tidbits for designers

Chances are you’ve seen a James Niehues painting before, but you didn’t know it. His canvas is the ski trail map, which is often overlooked for its artistic value. But since 1986, Niehues has created more than 240 different maps for resorts on five continents including Aspen Highlands, Sun Valley, Vail, Whistler Blackcomb, and Big Sky.
      For this upcoming ski season, the 70-year-old has designed the trail map for the newly-combined Park City and Canyons ski areas, now America’s largest ski mountain.
Graphic Design Inspiration
Creative inspiration Monet of the Mountain: How a Ski Maps Painter Owns His Niche Market
Designing Women A HUGE treasure trove of Niehues' work!

$36 Million? DeviantArt SOLD to Israeli firm

DTG creative tidbits for designers

Israeli company grabbed DeviantArt, one of the longest running online communities for artists, designers and art/design enthusiasts
      With the deal they get 325 million individual pieces of original art and more than 40 million registered members. They paid 36 million in cash, including $3 million of assumed liabilities.
Creative inspiration This news comes from Tech Crunch

6 Rules to Follow When Hiring Your Friends

DTG creative tidbits for designers

In the "bootstrapping" department of, Sarah Krasley writes about her experience. While my hard-and-fast rules have been : never sell a car to friend or family, and never hire friends or family ... Sarah appears to have a very different slant. She writes :
      I’ve always struggled with the adage that one should "never mix business with pleasure." My last three relationships were with guys I met in my professional life. And more often than not, the people with whom I work closely eventually feel like family.
Creative inspiration Sarah Krasley writing for FORTUNE

The Lost Logos Of The U.S.S.R.

DTG creative tidbits for designers

We're sure enjoying seeing the historic research of Instagram user Rokas Sutkaitis
      The Lithuanian graphic designer Rokas Sutkaitis collects logos from the Soviet Union—and then posts them on Instagram. It says he updates them daily! So enjoy!
Creative inspiration Currated by @rokassutkaitis
Designing Women see more . . .

March is Month of Design

DTG creative tidbits for designers

This is an awesome opportunity to take a peek at another culture's graphic design ... Icelandic Review writer Vala Hafsta tells us . . .
      DesignMarch, Iceland’s most important annual design festival, officially opens March 23, but some exhibitions open sooner. This Sunday, the exhibition Roundabout Baltic PLUS Iceland, opens at the Nordic House. It will feature items designed in countries along the Baltic Sea.
Creative inspiration Vala Hafsta -
Designing Women see more . . .

Free Stuff : Combinable Pattern Vector Pack

DTG creative tidbits for designers

You probably already know about the "freebie" sites now proliferating across the web. This one has a notable patterns package. Unfortunately, these links have a way of going dead. So we've cached some of the info. If you look at samples or links, and they're dead, please let me know.
      Combinable Pattern Vector Pack is the gathering of several elements of the most iconic shapes and features of world art out of seven hugely known cultures, all integrated in harmonically combinable patterns. 100% editable vector patterns,multiple combinations and hundreds of possibilities make this a very complete pack for those projects requiring an ethnic touch. Includes 9 type of patterns: Chinese, Colombian, Greek, Inca, Indian, Japanese, Mayan, Thai, Moroccan.
Creative inspiration
Designing Women see more . . .

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