Creative Tidbits #205: shortcuts, video, extravvignt lettering, illustration and more

by Fred Showker

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Creative tidbits is a column in DTG Magazine featuring creative inspiration This is why I love doing the creative tidbits. Sometimes we have some simple ones and sometimes complicated ones. This week, we've even got a very cool nne new video you don't want to miss! And, yes, yet another Adobe shortcuts chart to end all shortcuts charts. Jump in and enjoy ... and don't forget to send me your favorites to share with DTG readers.

  • Artist Brian Yap on How iPad Apps Transformed The Way He Works
  • Tobias Saul lettering, typography, illustration excellence
  • HUGE Adobe Shortcuts charts in infographic
  • A great logo Hewlett-Packard isn't using?

HUGE Adobe Shortcuts charts in infographic

creative inspiration

Well, if you use a lot of shortcuts, this will amaze you. Most of the time people hone their activities down to less than a dozen movements. And, if you use an action less than once a week, then you don't need the shortcut. But this is a HUGE piece of work.
      Note : this graphic is 1000 X 9000 pixels!
Here's the Full Story The big chart at : Set Up A Blog Today dot Com
Creative tidbits Here is the graphic alone

Tobias Saul lettering, typography, illustration excellence

creative inspiration

Most people have no idea how difficult this kind of lettering is. Not only do you start with talent, it takes a strong sense of balance and contrast. Further, it takes a thorough knowledge of typography and the actual letterforms themselves. A good designer can instantly recognize the difference between a superb lettering artist and an amateur. Tobias is, of course, the former!
      Tobias Saul is a 24 year old hand lettering artist. For his unique letterings he combines traditional craftsmanship with digital techniques. Check out his portfolio and do check the Google link
Here's the Full Story See Tobias' site :
Creative tidbits Here's a collection of his works via Google

A great logo Hewlett-Packard isn't using?

creative inspiration

It came across my desk that Hewlett-Packard is launching some new products and has this awesome logo. HP says it’ll be using this logo solely on its premium laptops. Kirk McElhearn writes :

Quoting  begins I can see why designers may like this logo, but if I didn’t know it was HP, and saw it in the wild, I wouldn’t know what it’s supposed to be. I wonder about the logic of using a logo that is so unrecognizable. Quoting  ends

Here's the Full Story Full story :

Artist Brian Yap on How iPad Apps Transformed The Way He Works

creative inspiration

Brian is a self-professed "navy brat and chronic doodler" --- he hs designed toys, he has airbrushed t-shirts, and he's been an agency creative director! He has worked for clients like Adobe and Fader magazine as well as poster design for the music industry from Black Keys to Chuck Berry. Now he likes the iPad for highly detailed illustrations and designs!
Here's the Full Story Full story :
GO Watch Brian Yap as he draws the Hunchback of Notre Dame
GO Design Milk Interview

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