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The Design & Publishing Center is all about the exchange of information, news, reviews, and all things revolving around the broad topics of design and publishing. Here you will find all kinds of resources relating to graphics, layout, design and typography. We'll always be on the look-out for better ways of communicating with less cost and less bother. Newbies are always welcome, and there are no stupid questions! Speak up, in some comments, or post a question. We're here for you. Above all, have a good time!

What is DT&G?

DT&G stands for "design, type and graphics." It can also mean "Desktop Graphics" if you prefer. The first digital edition was published in 1988 on the MNS diskette introducing the new online world of America Online.

quote David Pogue of the New York Times, Missing Manual Press and Macworld magazine calls it "Delicous Tips from the Guru!" quote

DTG began as the disk edition which was distributed to all seminar and workshop attendees of Macworld Expo, Dynamic Graphics, DGEF and In-House Graphics seminars, Multicom, and other providers who hosted founder/editor Fred Showker's seminars. DTG carried follow-up information, answered questions and built an ongoing relationship with those workshop attendees. In the early 1990s, the PDF was subscription based. with the advent of the internet graphical interface, it became the the internet web site (you're reading now) and the TEXT eZine edition emailed to subscribers every month. Print and PDF editions were discontinued.

How to get the most out of the Design Center:

Aside from great content, informative articles from guest writers, and all kinds of beneficial resources, you are encouraged to:

  • 1. Participate: all regular readers are invited to comment on any article
  • 2. Subscribe: the monthly (low-tech text email) newsletter brings you all the new features and benefits of the center each month in your email box. (Subscribe here)
  • 3. Share: you are invited to share your portfolio and work with others. Please submit your portfolio samples for review, and inclusion in the Gallery.
  • 4. Contribute: post an article, press release or editorial for publication. If accepted, your piece will appear among the pages of the Design Center. (Not to brag, but we've launched a number of writer's careers in these pages!) Post your article here
  • 5. Follow: we know you're busy, so we've provided RSS feeds on most pages. Follow a page, or follow the entire site by clicking here. Notice at the bottom of each article you'll also see a small "SHARE" button. This opens to allow sharing to which ever social network, blog, or feeder you subscribe to.
  • 6. Tweets: if you're a Twitter follower, see me at twitter.com/DTG_Magazine (Low traffic, I don't tweet unless it has value! No I won't be tweeting what I'm having for breakfast.)

If you are new here, we welcome you. I'm looking forward to meeting you and to continuing with our 20-year tradition of delivering high quality content in low-noise delivery. If you're not new, then I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your friendship in the past. This is a reader-driven site, and without you, we would be less of a service to the community.

Thanks for reading

Fred Showker
      Editor / Publisher



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