Here's a scanner that fits in your hand for scanning & translating languages

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 WorldPenScan X - First Digital Pen for Scanning & Translating Languages Although PenPower Inc. is calling this a "first-of-its kind" pen scanner, we had digital pens to review back in 2004. Just put the last one in the dumpster. But the WorldPenScan leverages today's technology with the ability to scan, recognize and translate multiple languages as well as barcodes and bank fonts. If you gather information, you're going to want a look at this.

Along with the newest Bluetooth LE technology, no extra setup is needed to pair the Bluetooth connection. Operating under Bluetooth wireless connection, the device instantly transmits the digitized data to the user's Apple and Android phones. It also supports Windows PC and Mac via USB connection.

William Xu, Vice President of PenPower Inc. said

Quoting  begins This application can be particularly advantageous in helping people dissolve language barriers which in turn can open up incredible opportunities for them ... Whether it's used as a helpful tool for international business negotiations, or as a traveling companion for a more social and connected experience, the pen offers people the freedom to connect. Quoting  ends

WorldPenScan X recognizes approximately one line of words per second, collecting information from all over the world easily and efficiently. It will recognize widely used languages including, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Simplified Chinese and more.

World Pen Scanner The device also goes beyond simple word-to-word translation, in order to help users to absorb the content. Tools allow users to check translations, provide examples and clarify pronunciation of scanned words within the platform. WorldPenScan X's Sentence Translation function helps users understand foreign documents and improve reading efficiency.

Users will be able to use WorldPenScan X for multiple applications, including SMS email, Facebook, Line, whatsapp, etc. to share scanned and translated information. Mac and Windows operating systems can receive scanned data in Office Software for future editing. For additional references, users can simply tap the shortcut button to search for scanned data on Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

Quoting  begins Language dictionaries only do so much when it comes to digesting large amounts of information, or understanding a great story ... The scanner is proving to be a large technological step in the direction of universal communication and understanding. Quoting  ends

* Multiple Language Recognition and Translation
* Bluetooth Connection and Instant Scanning
* Translation tools
* References tab

Device Requirements:
* OS 7.0 or later
* 100MB of available internal storage
* Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) function Category: hardware, pen scan, scanner

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