Web Design Update: Mobilegeddon, Amorality, Uber, SEO, Web trends and more!

by Fred Showker

Online world WEB update from DTG Magazine Well the Web jungle drums have been pounding and pounding on just about anyone who will listen with news of Mobilegeddon. The drop-dead date came and went but the world didn't end. Google is doing their best to keep a straight face, but there are a lot of whiners and moaners out there. Either fix it or stop moaning.

I did my own survey last night, and I'm continuing to check out various web sites and I'm finding some, like Adobe and Behance fail miserably, when others like Mashable actually do work. The sad news is when they work, they suck. Take a beautiful site, pump it through Google's blackmail grinder and the mobile version comes out sucking. LOL.

Another interesting discovery? We believe some proof out on Android but NOT iPhone. What's that telling you? (Site looks fine on the iPhone but Google nixes it.) Many of the sites tested on Google's test page look totally different on the iPhone. Hmmmmm.

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So, you can decide. Now --- here's some other good leads for you in this Web Update issue . . .

  • Did Mobilegeddon get you? Share some video and articles
  • Silicon Valley's Culture of Amorality – Water Finds its Way
  • Uber's Privacy Scandal Is a Failure of Culture
  • Why SEO is much easier than you think
  • Web design layout trends of 2015

Uber's Privacy Scandal Is a Failure of Culture

For Uber, alienating the legacy taxi services it competes with and the cities that collect millions in license fees from them was unavoidable.
      But in a matter of months, the company also lost the good will of drivers, who say they don't make nearly as much as promised; customers, who drunk and far from home get had by surge pricing; and now the press. It seems to all trace back to what one astute observer calls "its win-at-all-cost culture." And if barreling through the taxi industry and all that stand in its way has so far afforded Uber great success, it could also quickly turn against the company. Is that what we're witnessing this week?
Perfect apps for RVers, Campers and Truckers Full story : Isabelle Roughol -- Editor at LinkedIn

Silicon Valley's Culture of Amorality – Water Will Find its Way

Tom Foremski Former Financial Times journalist, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher, and advisor on corporate media ventures.
      Ten years ago in mid 2004 I left the Financial Times and started publishing Silicon Valley Watcher. Silicon Valley was starting to wake from a long downturn from the dotcom deflation and Google's August IPO was a good sign after several years of bad news.
      The culture of Silicon Valley was different then. The software engineering community was more radical than today, and far more socially conscious. The open source software movement was very strong among engineers and there was overall an anti-commercial attitude and a respect for protecting an open commons.
Perfect apps for RVers, Campers and Truckers Full story : Tom Foremski linkedin

Why SEO is much easier than you think

Search-engine optimization has gone through a series of evolutions over the years.
      Older tactics, which focused on keyword-based optimization and black-hat practices, have become obsolete, and modern strategies, which focus on user experience, have come to replace them. Throughout its history, SEO has been a cost-efficient and incredibly valuable strategy for business owners of all industries.
Perfect apps for RVers, Campers and Truckers Full story : Entrepreneur

Web design layout trends of 2015

The approach to Web design has progressed majorly over the past 10 years, with digital design witnessing trends that are cemented in the history of technology. With a website being the front face of any modern business, it is essential that flourishing businesses keep their site looking fresh, inline with design fashion.
      With layout arguably being the most important feature of a website design we at mobo have decided to look into the top web deign trends of 2015, finding out both what people want from their website as well as what Google are recognising as ace!
Perfect apps for RVers, Campers and Truckers Full story : MOBO

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And that wraps it for this edition of Marketing Update from DTG.
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