FFF #8 : Fonts in Use, Web typography, and a fresh, stylish script font

by Fred Showker

23rd Fonts Fest surf #8

23rd annual fonts fest Here's the eighth edition of our fonts surf, as we roll into October! Such fun in this edition a lesson in web typography, along with the guys from Fonts In Use, and yet another flashy, fresh, friendly, casual script called Asiyah!

photowal script

What’s The Use of Fonts In Use with Stephen Coles

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Although Alex White's famous book on typography was named "Fonts in Use" this isn't it. Anyone in the graphic design or visual communications fields should watch this video.
      Fonts In Use is an independent archive of practical typography, indexed by typeface, format, industry, and various typesetting styles and techniques ... This talk took place on October 4th at The San Francisco Public Library as part of Type@Cooper West's Letterform Lecture series. The recording was made possible by a generous sponsorship from Adobe Typekit.
type, fonts, calligraphy samples Type@Cooper : Type in Use, the Video
23rd Fonts Fest Samples Fonts In Use is an independent archive of practical typography

5 Examples of Good [Web] Typography

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Isn't it interesting that once somebody enabled fonts on the web people with absolutely no training in typography became experts??? LOL ... Elan Wang is a UI/UX Design Student who wants to create the stuff that makes Dribble dreams. She admits she's no expert but shares this article with a lot of merit . . .

Quoting  begins This quickie article is going to shine the spotlight on five sites that I believe showcase great use of typography! I’m a beginner UI student, so I have quite a lot to learn about the vast world of type. I’ve been given the assignment to comb the interwebs for some examples of awesome typography. Even though I’m no expert, I’ve found 5 sites where it’s easy to see that the use of typography rises above the norm. Quoting  ends

type, fonts, calligraphy samples Elan Wang writing for blog.prototypr.io
23rd Fonts Fest Samples This was one of my favorites from the article

Fashionable, stylish Asiyah Script

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Asiyah Script Font Free Demo is a handwriting font with a unique character. Give this gorgeous font a try for a stylish spin to your graphic design. It's swashbuckling and perfect for single words or short bursts of type. Unfortunately, There is no ampersand, and the demo does not have any of the extras!)
      This is another of those being distributed by the Romanian clip art industry as a "FREE" resource. This versibon is cripled. The full version is actually very nice.
Creative inspiration Aktab studio

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Enjoy this year's festival, and don't forget to send in your favorite samples and selections of type in use, lettering, fonts, typography layouts by sending me an email!

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