Designing Women : Sisters Gulassa, Missy Meyer, Gemma O’Brien and Mahima Mahajan

by Fred Showker


22nd Annual Designing Women As we near the end of March, our field trip brings us from Vienna to Santa Cruz, from Phoenix to India and to world-class design studios of Designing Women! In this issue we visit Designing Women on Facebook Sisters Gulassa, Designing Women on Facebook Missy Meyer, Designing Women on Facebook Gemma O’Brien and Designing Women on Facebook Mahima Mahajan! Enjoy these and don't forget if you'd like to share your favorites, just let us know!

Sisters Lise and Cyrille are the creative duo behind SistersGulassa

DTG Facebook Designing Women

A tale of two sisters who are steeped in the design spirit with color, design, illustration and eye-popping visions! To SistersGulassa the world is an exciting universe of forms and colors, full of unexpected energy—an outlook expressed in the joie de vivre that is our signature style.
      Lise says, the design process is like an adventure.

Quoting  begins I like to be open to the possibilities, the discoveries that come along the way — this is when or where interesting things start to happen. Often the idea of what I want to accomplish involves constraints that make the creative challenge exciting to me. Quoting  ends

Creative inspiration
Designing Women read article in Design Sponge
GO Take a tour of their wild collection of works

Missy Meyer has fixed Comic Sans? You bet'cha!

DTG Facebook Designing Women

We like just about everything we see about Missy Meyer writer, cartoonist, font maker, semi-crazy cat lady. We were going to talk about her prolific collection of scripts, now being hawked by several of the replicator sites, but then got side-tracked by some of her other works!
Missy writes :

Quoting  begins The original font I used when I started putting the doodles online back in 2013 was one I’d created the year before, back when the great site would let you create fonts for free on National Handwriting Day Quoting  ends

Then we discovered how she's taken the concept of hand written and turned it into "Holiday Doodles" a fitting replacement for comic sans!
Creative inspiration Missy Meyer writer, cartoonist, font maker, semi-crazy cat lady
Designing Women a wonderful piece posted to Facebook
GO Missy's Facebook
GO Missy's Comic Sans replacement, Holiday Doodles
GO Missy's take on How to create comics
GO See Geek Missy on Behance
GO The Difference Between OTF and TTF Files
GO Didg in for a whole bunch of Missy's work

Gemma O’Brien: The Future of Typography is Human

DTG Facebook Designing Women

This in the latest edition of 99U -- Matt McCue interviews calligrapher Gemma O’Brien who creates wonderful graphics including arge-scale, hand-drawn murals
      Technological innovations will continue to wow and delight, but they’ll also come and go. In the creative world there is no replacement for the human touch, as Australian calligrapher Gemma O’Brien shows us.
Creative inspiration Matt McCue interviews calligrapher Gemma O’Brien
Designing Women An awesome gallery of work!

Mahima makes minimal LOGOS ... and other cool stuff

DTG Facebook Designing Women

What caught our attention was a free minimal logo collection in one of those freebie hawker sites -- but these were pretty darn good! We looked further and discovered Mahima Mahajan who does all kinds of branding, graphic design, and UI/UX work from her studios in Noida, India. Mahima is truly a minimalist, and has a sensitive hand at making a whole lot of something out of nothing!
GO Mahima Mahajan website
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Stay tuned as we continue the 22nd Annual Designing Women celebration for 2017!

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fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and, thanks for twenty years of Designing Women online!

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