22nd Annual Designing Women : Michela Picchi, Amanda Jane Jones and Amy Cox

by Fred Showker


22nd Annual Designing Women As we go along, we're picking up more and more talent to visit --and we've had several good nominations in the works. It's all about taking a broad look at this fresh and unique talent. Dear readers, I'd like to introduce you to Designing Women on Facebook Michela Picchi, Designing Women on Facebook Amanda Jane Jones and Designing Women on Facebook Amy Cox!
We're going to continue into April, since we have such an overflow of talent!

Michela Picchi multidisciplinary to say the least

DTG Facebook Designing Women

WOW ... take color, shape, collage, and a special vision for illustration and you've got the world of Michela Picchi! Don't take our word for it, just ask some of her clients : Girl Effect, Nike, American Express Italy, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Fendi, Monikers Avaaz WW, De Morgen Magazine, High Tide Studio, Milk Magazine and Life & Death Records! It's all about 3D mixed with 2D! I love the Volks Bus, by the way! Michela writes :

Quoting  begins I envision, develop and visualise both recognizable artworks & graphics. Everything is experimentation for me, and the point is how a perceptual experience is related to visions, and how to transfer it into artworks. I follow planets movements & they follow me Quoting  ends

GOTake a look at her Behance installation, or
GO Swing over and check out her Facebook Page
Creative inspiration www.MichelaPicchi.com
Designing Women Scroll a Google Gallery for Michela Picchi

Amanda Jane Jones

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Amanda is a graphic designer and art director from Chicago, IL. We checked in on Amanda several years ago, and we're delighted to revisit her digs, and catch up on her remarkable design works!
GO You will also want to visit her Instagram feed for some fresh photography!
Creative inspiration AmandaJaneJones.com
Designing Women Enjoy this montage of her work

For Women Only

One other resource was introduced to us by Amanda, and we're thrilled to be able to share them with you today.
GO Freelance Wisdom - Freelance Wisdom is devoted to sharing the stories and work of women creatives. By providing advice, encouragement, curated resources, and helpful products - we hope to instill confidence in women pursuing their own creative businesses.

Amy Cox ~ it's a paper world

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Amy Cox from Falmouth, United Kingdom is into Typography Graphic Design Illustration in a big way! She's showing up all over the place through those graphics bundles hawkers with a huge selection of hand-crafted fonts.
      The one that caught our attention is Paper Cutout Free Typface is a simple, display font made entirely by paper cutting. This is a personal project to create a working typeface which was created through paper cut.
You can get the fonts free at Creative inspiration www.behance.net
GO See her installation at Blue Island Press
GO Another favorite font is LAND, also free.
Designing Women Take a Google Gallery Scroll

Stay tuned as we continue the 22nd Annual Designing Women celebration for 2017!

More and more new entries will be added all month long . . . and will continue into April! Remember, if you would like to suggest a Designing Woman for this series, there's still time. Just check it out here:
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fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and, thanks for twenty years of Designing Women online!

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