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by Fred Showker

22nd Annual Designing Women Once in a while we go back and carefully reacquaint ourselves with all our friends in the DTG group on Facebook. It's always interesting to see their latest stuff -- and it's been real interesting to see the political activists and musicians! In today's edition we'll visit Designing Women on Facebook Sandy Hibbard, Designing Women on Facebook Nona Smith, Designing Women on Facebook Katrin Eismann and Designing Women on Facebook Kate McCroary Jay, you may have met before! Have fun, stop in and say hello, Fred sent me!

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Creative Director at Sandy Hibbard Creative, Inc. ... Sandy's been a friend of the Design Center since we first discovered her in Designing Women 2004
Creative inspiration Sandy Hibbard on Facebook;
Designing Women Here's her installation at

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Creative Director/Partner at Word of Mouth Advertising
Creative inspiration Nona Smith on Facebook

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Chair, MPS Digital Photography at School of Visual Arts ~ as well as Photoshop Diva for years and years
Creative inspiration Katrin Eismann as Photoshop Diva on Facebook
Designing Women Katrin's regular site

DTG Facebook Designing Women

Senior Designer at American Kennel Club
Creative inspiration Kate McCroary Jay on Facebook

These are just four of many! We'll be back later with a bunch more of our friends on Facebook. If you've like us to visit your digs on Facebook, just let me know!

Stay tuned as we continue the 22nd Annual Designing Women celebration for 2017!

More and more new entries will be added all month long . . . and will continue into April! Remember, if you would like to suggest a Designing Woman for this series, there's still time. Just check it out here:
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fred_c_125 Thanks for reading . . . and, thanks for twenty years of Designing Women online!

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