AKVIS ArtSuite 12 brings new capabilities to tempt your creative juices with superb visions

by Fred Showker

creates impressive Photo effects

Akvis fireworks, sunbursts, stage lights, shimmers, glitter, sparkles This is probably the most awaited update in a while from Akvis! ... AKVIS has released their ArtSuite 12, a photo decoration software that offers a rich collection of visual effects and frames in order to make your digital photos top-notch. You'll discover visions you hadn't expected, and take some of your ordinary photos to spectacular photos.

AKVIS ArtSuite 12

Version 12 offers the new Passe-Partout frame, the Presets panel with ready-to-use AKVIS frame presets, the improved Halftone effect, and some bug fixes. It's easy to use, and their web site offers a wealth of tutorials, videos and sample galleries to get your creative juices flowing!

creates impressive Photo effects
Images are clickable!

ArtSuite is a photo decoration software that allows you to add effects or frames to your photos. The effects are divided into two categories: Edge Effects and Artistic Effects.

One of the coolest and most sought-after effects, the Halftone effect, has been improved and now provides better performance on large-scale images.

creates impressive Photo effects

Version 12 offers the Passe-Partout frame.The framing with passe-partout opens up a lot of design possibilities and helps catch the viewer's eye and direct it to the motif. Using the new effect, you can give your pictures more depth and make it look less digital!

creates impressive Photo effects

When applying a frame effect, you now can select the presets directly from the Presets panel. There is a number of built-in AKVIS presets for each frame type. They will speed up your workflow allowing you to try various settings by a single mouse click. Also, the Gray interface theme have been added.

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GO More : The Halftone effect
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The update is free for all recent buyers of ArtSuite (who bought or upgraded the license in the last 12 months). Check if you are eligible for a free update in the Customer Room or contact us at support@akvis.com.

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