2007 Predictions... from online authorities

by Fred Showker

Computer Threats Predictions for 2007

Messagelabs runs an annual trend report that highlights the evolution of the threat landscape each year. They are probably the best to make predictions because they're on the leading edge of spam and computer threat science. And, of course, the complexity of attacks on your computer are predicted to continue in 2007

Messagelabs Predictions for 2007:

* Threats converge further over the course of 2007 Ð as email security becomes tighter, the criminals will send more malicious emails with URL links that can slip under the security radar and wreak havoc on businesses.
* Virus rates will continue to fall, as they have become unnecessary in the creation of botnets.
* Ransomware, malicious software that will encrypt key files and documents using a secret key known only to the extortionist, will become increasingly threatening
* Spam will become more targeted throughout 2007.
* ICANN will continue to be exploited through loopholes, and domain kiting will continue to be a problem.
* Botnets will be engineered to be resilient, allowing the criminals to maintain control of zombie computers more easily
* Off-the-shelf crime kits for less tech-savvy spammers will grow in numbers,
* VoIP threats emerge as criminals target

Keep up with your security condition at www.messagelabs.com/Threat_Watch. You can read the full text of this predictions article in MessageLabs statement at businesswire.com
      MessageLabs is a leading provider of integrated messaging and web security services, with over 15,000 clients ranging from small business to the Fortune 500 located in more than 80 countries. MessageLabs provides a range of managed security services to protect, control, encrypt and archive communications across Email, Web and Instant Messaging.

2007 Macintosh / Apple Predictions

Owen Linzmayer of InFormIt's Macintosh Resource Center has made his Apple predictions for 2007, and briefly they are:
* Apple Makes a Mobile -- an "iPhone" with iTunes, Address Book, iCal, and iChat
* Wireless Widescreen iPod - pushing more digital downloads
* Remove the Restart Requirement to switch between Mac and Windows OS
* New Hardware Designs - time to redesign the external cases.
* Built-in TV Tuner - iTV set-top box is slated for release, perhaps a TiVo replacement!
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2007 Photoshop / Adobe Predictions

Matt Kloskowski of InFormIt's Adobe Resource Center has made his Photoshop predictions for 2007, and briefly they are:
* Photoshop CS3 will be released, but pace will slow down
* Digital Photography Workflow Applications Will Flourish. Adobe's Lightroom and Apple's Aperture applications will continue to grow.
* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Will Hit Version 1.0... Aperture version 2
* Photoshop Podcasts Will Continue To Multiply
* Printing Will Become An Even Hotter Topic - people trying to get professional quality results from their own printers
* Adobe And Macromedia Become One (Again) - more integration between Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver
* Microsoft Will Enter The Digital Imaging Game - Windows Vista will start chipping away at Adobe's market
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2007 .NET Predictions

Jim Mischel of InFormIt's .NET Resource Center has made his .NET predictions for 2007 Edition, and briefly they are:
* Windows Vista rolls out to retail customers
* I expect a slow migration to Vista and a slightly faster migration to .NET 3.0 on installed XP machines.
* A gradual upgrade of sites to work with IE 7, which will cause many sites to fail with IE 6.
* Microsoft's Expression goes up against Flash. Early reports are that Expression is very good.
Read the fullstory in Jim Mischel's InFormIt column

So come back in December of 2007 and see how closely these authorities predicted the future.

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